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­Premexcellence is Premier Excellence, a coaching and consulting company committed to designing what excellence looks like for professionals in their careers and lives, students in higher education, and organizations and institutions working in public health research or programs. 

I am Dr. Johanna Andrews Adlam, the founder of Premexcellence. I am a Career and Life Coach as well as an Academic and Public Health Consultant. In my own pursuit of academic and professional excellence, I understand what it is like to be a student or professional experiencing obstacles and challenges that arise along the way. I also hold the unique experience of being a woman of color in these spaces. 


As a result of my journey, I have developed successful and purposeful strategies to overcome these barriers. I am passionate about helping people like you to achieve your vision of excellence aligned with your purpose and values!

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Are you looking for help in your career or in your personal life? 

Well, I would love to work with you! I provide a holistic and compassionate approach to coaching that considers all aspects of your life to foster transformation in your career or another area of your life. I believe that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and I am here to hold a trusting space for you to gain clarity and discover your beautiful inner wisdom. Join me here to learn more!


Are you looking for help in academia or public health research and programs? 

Well, I provide the specific services you are seeking! I offer comprehensive academic and public health consulting solutions to prepare you for success. You will receive customizable support and enrichment services tailored just for you or your organization/institution. I will work closely with you to understand where you are on your journey so that we can identify your unique needs and goals. Students, join me here to learn more! Organization Members, join me here to learn more!

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I started coaching services with Dr. Johanna and never imagined how transformative these sessions would be for me! Dr. Johanna uses special techniques and exercises to help me dig deep within myself and recognize the leader I have within myself, and she helps me to strategize and put a plan in action so I can actively work towards all my goals and aspirations with intent and authority! She is very encouraging and motivational, and she embraces me with a warm spirit and warm heart! I know that she genuinely and compassionately cares about me living a purposeful life and she pours so much positive energy into my spirit and allows me to think outside the box and pull things out of me that I didn’t even know I had hidden inside! I feel so happy, and I have so much clarity and focus! I would encourage you to take advantage of her transformative coaching services. Everyone can benefit from services like these! Get your life in order, discover your purpose, discover new purpose, live life with purpose, and become the best version of yourself! Contact Dr. Johanna ASAP and schedule your free consultation immediately!

Kristal C., Life Coaching Client, Jamaica, New York

I’ve worked with Dr. Johanna since the spring semester of 2019. At the time, I was completing the first of two research practica. I can say that she is one of the most skillful Research Scientists that I have worked with. She possesses great skill in quantitative research methodology, scientific & research writing, and her professionalism and timeliness in completing tasks is exemplary. Dr. Johanna also has a unique ability to translate what she knows and pass that down to others so that they may reap the benefits of her understanding of complex topics. For example, as I was entering my dissertation phase, I had the opportunity to sit with Dr. Johanna as she explained the theory behind regression analysis and the nuances of running and interpreting a regression on SPSS 26. She taught me more in that hour than I’d learned during the 32 weeks of Intermediate Statistics and Hierarchical Linear Modeling that I’d taken as part of my PhD coursework. Her tutorial was the reason why I was able to successfully complete my dissertation data analysis in two days. This example confirms not only her skill but also her desire to pass that knowledge down to others. If your goal is to submit a high-quality dissertation in a timely fashion as well as gain skill that will be useful to you later, in your academic and professional career, I would strongly recommend Dr. Johanna’s consulting services!

Daryl T., Doctoral Student, University of Missouri-Columbia

I received coaching with Dr. Johanna for over a 6 month period; I was torn about how to expand my business. I truly enjoyed working with Dr. Johanna. She is approachable, warm, and supportive while engaging in problem-solving pertaining to my business's future. I believe Dr. Johanna’s design and optimization are largely responsible for my new business perspective, and also for overall holistic and personal wellness. She is easy to work with, thinks creatively, and effectively communicates her ideas. She has been an asset in my professional life, and thus she has my highest endorsement.

Kristina R., Career Coaching Client, Las Vegas, Nevada

Working with Dr. Johanna on my senior thesis was an incredible experience. Not only was she able to meet me where I was with my project, but she built my skills and expertise week by week, ultimately improving my abilities as a researcher. She always answered my questions with detail and knowledge and pushed me to consider my project in ways I hadn’t before. It was in great part because of her efforts that my research was so successful – both in content and in presentation. Beyond the day-to-day activities of our work, she also always ensured that our relationship was beyond the project. Throughout our time together, she served not only as my mentor but as my coach, ensuring that my life experiences were considered as much as our work. Because of this, there was never a time I did not feel ready to conduct my research. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mentor, coach, or both.

Santiago G., Undergraduate Honors Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

My time with Dr. Johanna was very beneficial and I didn't realize how much I needed it until after we completed our first session. Her professionalism is evident from the outset. Dr. Johanna was very efficient at helping me go inward to discover solutions, using what abilities I already possess to gain results. She is really good at using vivid imagery and/ or metaphoric illustrations to paint a clearer picture to come to a resolution. Not only did she give me the right tools to help with my situation, but she also made sure I put them to use and held me accountable. She was personable with me which made it easier for me to open up and trust her to share my experiences. At the end of each session, I left feeling much better about my circumstances with a sense of clarity. I always look forward to my future sessions with Dr. Johanna, updating her on what I was able to implement. Dr. Johanna is the top tier of coaching and someone I would most definitely recommend to any and all.

Jonathan A., Life Coaching Client, Bellport, New York

Dr. Johanna was an asset throughout my dissertation experience. Her knowledge of the academic process allowed many questions to be answered and provided me with greater confidence when submitting and presenting the material. She has greatly contributed throughout my journal article-writing process with editing suggestions and a thorough review of cleaning and analyzing quantitative data. Her warm, approachable demeanor immediately put me at ease. She patiently answered my questions and gently provided suggestions as needed. She has an in-depth understanding of the academic setting, as well as engaging in research within the "real world." I highly recommend working with her!

Kristina R., Doctoral Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The coaching services provided by Dr. Johanna have been beneficial in setting my personal and professional goals. She always made sure my goals were aligned with my values and that my values were holistically reflected. This process has helped me to uncover my life's purpose and the characteristics I already had within me to work towards living in my purpose. Dr. Johanna's caring spirit made the process easier and a true joy to work with her.

Raychel H., Career + Life Coaching Client, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dependable, knowledgeable, insightful, and professional are just a few of the many characteristics to describe Dr. Johanna. She is an excellent writer and an astute researcher who is keenly aware of data analysis. For example, Dr. Johanna was ever so patient in giving me a crash course on quantitative research. As a refresher, she taught me how to effectively use SPSS software in the matter of a two-hour session. Dr. Johanna is also very timely and efficient with turning around manuscript edits. She provides sound advice and constructive feedback that is trustworthy, clear, and concise. Her ability to guide others in a way that they can truly understand the various concepts of research and writing is her most outstanding quality. Plus, she does this in a very supportive manner. You will not find a better public health consultant than Dr. Johanna!

Eboni A., Director of Community Oriented Primary Care & Assistant Professor, A.T. Still University

Dr. Johanna is an inspiration to me! I am a middle-aged woman who was going through a tough time in my life and was trying to see the best way that I could cope with it. I wanted to talk to someone who I can trust and understand how I was feeling so that I can get some help. During my first session with Dr. Johanna, she welcomed me with open arms, listened to my story, and stayed neutral yet understanding and helpful at the same time. At this point, I knew that I had chosen the right person to coach me through my difficult time. I now see things in a different light. I also learned to cope with whatever life has to offer because I am in a better place now. I highly recommend Dr. Johanna to my friends and family who might need the same help as I did!

Joy A., Life Coaching Client, Jamaica, New York

Dr. Johanna’s mentorship benefitted me because it gave me another person to ask questions to when my advisor wasn’t available and made me feel as if support was always available to me. Because Dr. Johanna spent much time reading through my thesis and other research to prepare for helping me with my data analysis, I often felt she was much closer to my project than my other committee members. This allowed me to trust in the ways she advised and critiqued my thesis. Over the year in which Dr. Johanna has been my mentor, she has often given me support in a multitude of ways, but especially emotional. Her words of encouragement have helped me tremendously throughout the more stressful parts of my project, and I often look to her for advice regarding my future in academics.

Winna P., Undergraduate Honors Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

You can always come up with 'what ifs' and doubts to move forward in life and while I find myself to be a very self-aware and optimistic person, I too fall victim to overthinking and worrying from time to time. Dr. Johanna reminded me of the leader I have within myself who has overcome doubts and has set aside 'what ifs' in other aspects of my life. She made me question "why should this situation be any different" and that introspection was invaluable. Dr. Johanna and I meet virtually, but it feels like she is with me, in the same room, every step of the way through my introspection and contemplation. Dr. Johanna will hold your hand (figuratively) and give you the much needed space to tap into what courage and strength you have inside you. Her genuine, caring, and calm demeanor makes our sessions a safe space - always, but don't get me wrong when I need a kick in the butt to wake the heck up and rid my thoughts of doubt and judgment, she brings the fiery energy I need.

Nicole D., Life Coaching Client, Chicago, Illinois

    Featured Testimonial

    Conducting an honors senior thesis was no little undertaking as an undergraduate student. From becoming familiar with the research process/steps, developing my own research question, to successfully carrying out the project to the finish line, was both a challenging and rewarding process. I had such a great support system and mentorship along the way, which I believe was the greatest contribution to the successful completion of my thesis. Dr. Johanna was one of the people who significantly helped me and offered support throughout the entire process of my senior thesis. As an undergraduate student, I was new to the research process, so it was very much a learning process for me. Dr. Johanna played a critical role in helping me gain a better grasp of the research process and how to effectively carry out or implement each step. She was very knowledgeable of the components of research and was able to easily explain it to me, without getting too technical. She was also very resourceful, in that she would offer me useful sources to look into, such as books/textbooks, and websites, which I found very helpful. As I proceeded on with my thesis, Dr. Johanna was always within reach and easily accessible. She made it easy to reach out to her with any questions, concerns, or anything else I wanted to discuss. She was always mindful of the fact that I had hard deadlines I needed to meet in order to graduate on time. She provided me with her feedback on my papers, responded to my emails, and made sure to always keep me in the loop if there was anything new that came up. Further, Dr. Johanna’s passion for research and the public health field clearly shows in her work, which further increased my appreciation for research and passion for the public health profession. Her dedication to my research project, her willingness to always help, offer me resources, and her thorough revision of my work, and feedback have allowed me to successfully complete my thesis and even publish the paper in a well-known journal. As someone who has once been in my shoes doing her own research, she was very relatable and understood the pressure I had on my plate. She was always willing to share her own experiences with me, which made it very comfortable to talk to her. Dr. Johanna worked with me through every step of my research, offering her own experiences, enhancing my skills, providing me with resources, and staying involved throughout the duration of the yearlong project. Dr. Johanna was also always very supportive and encouraging. Her positive comments about my strengths and how well I am progressing through the research process was very motivating for me to pull through to the finish line. Dr. Johanna was even at my defense to support me, which meant a lot. It was a privilege and an honor to have had Dr. Johanna as my mentor while conducting my honors senior thesis. To this day, Dr. Johanna is still my mentor, whom I look up to and still reach out for advice, support, and encouragement.

    Selam A., Undergraduate Honors Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

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