public health Consulting Services

Hello, Members of Organizations and Institutions! I am delighted that you would like to learn more about the public health consulting services I offer. 

I am Dr. Johanna, and I provide responsive and comprehensive consulting services in the following areas:

Public Health Research

Public Health Programs

Please click here for an abbreviated list of public health research projects that I have worked on with organizations and institutions like yours to conceptualize, design, develop, implement, manage, analyze, and/or disseminate. I would love to work with you next! Contact me today to discuss how we can get started.

Please note that the above lists for public health consulting services are not exhaustive. My services are tailored for each organization or institution. If you are interested in requesting consulting services in an area that is not listed above, please contact me so that we can discuss how to best meet your needs!

Dependable, knowledgeable, insightful, and professional are just a few of the many characteristics to describe Dr. Johanna. She is an excellent writer and an astute researcher who is keenly aware of data analysis. For example, Dr. Johanna was ever so patient in giving me a crash course on quantitative research. As a refresher, she taught me how to effectively use SPSS software in the matter of a two-hour session. Dr. Johanna is also very timely and efficient with turning around manuscript edits. She provides sound advice and constructive feedback that is trustworthy, clear, and concise. Her ability to guide others in a way that they can truly understand the various concepts of research and writing is her most outstanding quality. Plus, she does this in a very supportive manner. You will not find a better public health consultant than Dr. Johanna!

– Eboni A., Director of Community Oriented Primary Care & 

Assistant Professor, A.T. Still University