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Hello, Students! Welcome to Premexcellence® Academy! I am delighted that you would like to learn more about the academic consulting services I offer. I am Dr. Johanna, and I provide a holistic, compassionate, and person-centered approach to my academic consulting services along with specialized mentorship in the following areas:

Academic Performance and Personal Skill-Building

Academic or Professional/Career Development

Academic Success Sessions

Individual learning lab sessions customized for each student’s needs and goals. These sessions are designed to provide a comprehensive review and engaging discussion of course materials, assignments, or projects. Post-session email support is also included for outstanding questions and feedback prior to assignment submissions. Session topics can include, but are not limited to, content in the following areas:

Thesis or Dissertation Projects

Please click here for an abbreviated list of thesis and dissertation research projects that I have worked on with students like you to conceptualize, design, develop, implement, manage, analyze, and/or disseminate. I would love to work with you next! Contact me today to discuss how we can get started.

Please note that the above lists for academic consulting services are not exhaustive. My services are tailored for each student. If you are interested in requesting consulting services in an area that is not listed above, please contact me so that we can discuss how to best meet your needs!


Your investment for a single session is $175/hour. However, you will receive a discount when you purchase a package of hours.


You will receive more value for your investment when you join Premexcellence® Academy and enroll in a customizable, comprehensive, and holistic package! I offer two packages you can choose from that best meet your needs. In each package, you will precisely get the personal attention you need:


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Best Value! Excellence Unlimited Package

[$700 $600/month]

This package is great for students who are seeking more support, guidance, and accountability for their academic goals. This package is also great for students who have an upcoming thesis or dissertation timeline they want to achieve for graduation.


Here is what you can expect when you enroll in the Excellence Unlimited Package:

Academic Excellence Package


This package is great for students who want consistent support, guidance, and accountability for their academic goals, but do not have an upcoming thesis or dissertation timeline to complete.


Here is what you can expect when you enroll in the Academic Excellence Package:

I would love to talk to you to learn more about you and your journey and how Premexcellence® Academy can help you to achieve academic excellence! My consultations are free, and there is no obligation. Let’s chat about what support you need and how we can design a meaningful and purposeful path to accomplish your academic goals!

Conducting an honors senior thesis was no little undertaking as an undergraduate student. From becoming familiar with the research process/steps, developing my own research question, to successfully carrying out the project to the finish line, was both a challenging and rewarding process. I had such a great support system and mentorship along the way, which I believe was the greatest contribution to the successful completion of my thesis. Dr. Johanna was one of the people who significantly helped me and offered support throughout the entire process of my senior thesis. As an undergraduate student, I was new to the research process, so it was very much a learning process for me. Dr. Johanna played a critical role in helping me gain a better grasp of the research process and how to effectively carry out or implement each step. She was very knowledgeable of the components of research and was able to easily explain it to me, without getting too technical. She was also very resourceful, in that she would offer me useful sources to look into, such as books/textbooks, and websites, which I found very helpful. As I proceeded on with my thesis, Dr. Johanna was always within reach and easily accessible. She made it easy to reach out to her with any questions, concerns, or anything else I wanted to discuss. She was always mindful of the fact that I had hard deadlines I needed to meet in order to graduate on time. She provided me with her feedback on my papers, responded to my emails, and made sure to always keep me in the loop if there was anything new that came up. Further, Dr. Johanna’s passion for research and the public health field clearly shows in her work, which further increased my appreciation for research and passion for the public health profession. Her dedication to my research project, her willingness to always help, offer me resources, and her thorough revision of my work, and feedback have allowed me to successfully complete my thesis and even publish the paper in a well-known journal. As someone who has once been in my shoes doing her own research, she was very relatable and understood the pressure I had on my plate. She was always willing to share her own experiences with me, which made it very comfortable to talk to her. Dr. Johanna worked with me through every step of my research, offering her own experiences, enhancing my skills, providing me with resources, and staying involved throughout the duration of the yearlong project. Dr. Johanna was also always very supportive and encouraging. Her positive comments about my strengths and how well I am progressing through the research process was very motivating for me to pull through to the finish line. Dr. Johanna was even at my defense to support me, which meant a lot. It was a privilege and an honor to have had Dr. Johanna as my mentor while conducting my honors senior thesis. To this day, Dr. Johanna is still my mentor, whom I look up to and still reach out for advice, support, and encouragement.

– Selam A., Undergraduate Honors Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


“I am delighted to share my testimonial for Dr. Johanna and her exceptional academic consulting services during my journey to my second doctorate. From our very first interaction, it was evident that Dr. Johanna possessed an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a profound understanding of the intricacies of doctoral research. She has provided invaluable guidance in refining my dissertation proposal, research questions, timeline, and plan. One of the standout qualities of Dr. Johanna is her ability to provide insightful and constructive feedback. She meticulously reviews my work, offering great suggestions to improve the quality of my research and expand my horizons as a scholar. Her commitment to excellence is unwavering, and I always feel she is genuinely invested in my success. Dr. Johanna’s unfaltering support, flexibility, and confidence-boosting have significantly impacted my success as a doctoral student and university mid-level administrator. I highly recommend Dr. Johanna for her unmatched dedication, expertise, and client commitment. She is a true game-changer in academia and research.”
- Eboni A., Doctoral Student, Bellarmine University
“Joining the Premexcellence Academy was the best decision I made to help me finish my thesis. After 3 years of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and burnt out, Dr. Johanna worked with me to provide structure and compassion. Her resources and feedback have been immensely helpful. I truly believe I would not execute this as successfully without her support and the support from others in the Academy.”
- Kimberly T., Master of Public Health Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Working with Dr. Johanna on my senior thesis was an incredible experience. Not only was she able to meet me where I was with my project, but she built my skills and expertise week by week, ultimately improving my abilities as a researcher. She always answered my questions with detail and knowledge and pushed me to consider my project in ways I hadn’t before. It was in great part because of her efforts that my research was so successful – both in content and in presentation. Beyond the day-to-day activities of our work, she also always ensured that our relationship was beyond the project. Throughout our time together, she served not only as my mentor but as my coach, ensuring that my life experiences were considered as much as our work. Because of this, there was never a time I did not feel ready to conduct my research. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mentor, coach, or both.
- Santiago G., Undergraduate Honors Student, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Universities My Clients Have Attended:

  • Hofstra University
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Morgan State University
  • Tulane University
  • University of Missouri-Columbia
  • University of South Carolina
  • Loma Linda University
  • Bellarmine University
  • Liberty University
  • Northcentral University
  • Bates College
  • Pacifica Graduate Institute